File ROC Compliance For Private Limited Company

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ROC Annual Filing/ Compliance for Private Limited Company or One Person Company

All types of company registered in India- private limited, limited company, one Person Company and section 8 company- they must file annual returns with Registrar of companies each year within specified roc filing due dates.

ROC Annual return filing with Registrar or roc annual filing of companies is one of the mandatory requirements which every company incorporated as per companies’ act, 2013 should comply with.

The requirement in annual roc filing is to conduct an Annual General Meeting within stipulated time period as per company law and filing annual accounts, information about company with Registrar of companies.

Annual roc filing noncompliance has harsh penalties from the Government side and there are no ways to get them reduced or waived off. Look for ca services online or ca firms near you who can help you guide and get the filing done.

If you want a quick professional solution at reasonable fees, email us at Annual roc filing of the company can be 100% digital, there is no manual work involved such as visit professional or visit department.

Annual roc compliance requires filing below forms with ROC:

• ROC Form MGT7: Includes shareholding structure details, director changes, and share transfer details (if any) during the year.

• ROC Form AOC4: Details and appendices related to company balance sheet, income statement, compliance certificate, registration office address, membership registration, stock and bond details, debt details, and information about the company's operations. is included.

• ROC Form ADT1: Submitted for the appointment of an auditor.

• DIR-3 KYC: Director KYC Form

Documents required for annual Roc Compliance

Below are the documents required for roc compliance/roc filing for pvt. Ltd. companies
- Annual audited financial statements of the company
(Even if you had no transaction/business)
- Corporate governance report/Audit report
- Shareholders & debenture holders details
- Company incorporation certificate
- Business & Partner details
- PAN Card/Aadhaar card

Frequently asked questions

What is ROC filing / Roc filing for a private limited company?

ROC, which means registrar of companies, is an office which comes under the ministry of corporate affairs. This office of roc is responsible to ensure that the companies registered in India comply with company law. Companies are supposed to file returns annually and also take permission of roc for any event based compliance of the company.

What is the Roc filing due date by a private limited
company/ roc filing due date by one person company?




Due date for current year

Form 11

Annual LLP Returns

60 days from end of financial year

30 May

Form ADT-1

Auditor’s  Appointment

15 days from the date of AGM.

14 October


Director KYC

180 days from the end of financial year

30 September

Form AOC-4

Filing of Annual Accounts

30 days from the date of the AGM

30 October

Form AOC-4 (XBRL)

Filing of Annual Accounts in XBRL mode

30 days from the date of the AGM

30 October

Form MGT-7

Filing of Annual Return

60 days from the date of AGM.

29 November

Form CRA-4

Filing of Cost Audit Report

30 days from the receipt of Cost Audit Report

Within 30 days of cost audit report

Form MGT-14

Filing of resolutions with MCA regarding approval of Board Report and Annual Accounts

30 days from the date of concerned Board Meeting

Within 30 days of board meeting

What is annual filing by private limited company / company annual filing?

Annual filing means reporting to Roc with a financial statement, appointment of auditor, statement of shareholders during the year, any change in share capital reporting. Roc filing can be done with help of certified chartered accountants in India. Tax vic helps you with roc filing for your company anywhere in India.

How to do ROC filing for a private limited company?

The Roc filing process will have to be done through professionals at a reasonable cost. If your financial statement preparation is time consuming, the fees of professionals may go up, however if there was no business during the year for your company, you should get a reasonable fees quotation.

Self-doing is not practically possible unless you have experienced, but you still need professionals as forms are attested in submission with roc.

How to check ROC filing status

If your annual roc filing is done, it gets reflected under public record of mca website at

What are the documents required for ROC filing/annual roc compliance?

Audited financial statement of the company, change in shareholder data if any, shareholder report, certificate of incorporation of the company, digital signatures of directors.

What is the penalty for delaying the submission of the ROC return?

It depends on how late you are. Any professional can calculate the late fees based on what the due date was and how late you are in annual roc filing

Is ROC filing of private limited company mandatory?

Yes, absolutely. Any company registered in India be it private, one person or limited or section 8 company. All of them need to comply with annual roc filing.

You must understand from service providers such as ca services online or tax consultants near me to get an idea of what all compliances you need to have in mind for roc filing.

There was no business during the year, do I still need to fulfill
private limited company roc compliance?

As long as you do not close down the business, you have to report to roc, even if it is nil business during the year.

Ca services Online or tax consultants near me be effective in order to find a solution for annual roc compliance of a company?

Yes because you will need an auditor for your company who will sign the balance sheet and also attest forms of roc.

What are the compliances for private limited companies?

Right after your company is registered, the first thing you need to do is appoint an auditor, after that you need to apply for commencement of business certificate within six months of the company being incorporated.

Then comes annual roc compliance and director kyc. This happens from Sep end to November end. Do check with online ca services to keep a tab on due dates because penalties are harsh, no chances of waiver.

Why is Company annual filing/ROC filing required?

Any business registered has responsibility towards stakeholders, employees, following tax laws of the country. There is a system of checking their activities, compliance being followed, legal stuff being checked. Therefore Government through roc tracks or say keep record by making roc filing of private limited company , roc filing of one person company or say annual filing of company compulsory

What are ROC filing fees?

Roc filing government fees depends upon the share capital size of your company. You can have your professional check these roc filing fees for your company. Fees are always minimal like 300 to 1500. It is the penalty that is very heavy in case of late filing.

What is the roc filing due date for fy 2020-21?

For Fy 20-21, you must file director kyc by September end and do roc annual filing by October to November end depending upon your last date of Annual general meeting. Tax consultant near me option can be really helpful when the due date is approaching as all can happen online

Do I need to physically visit ca/cs for roc filing for private
limited companies?

No you do not need to physically visit CA/CS for roc filing for private limited companies. It can digitally be done.

What are roc compliance checklists for private limited companies?

You must have filed your commencement of business certificate if you are a newly registered company. You must have appointed the auditor, you balance sheet, Profit loss account audited by CA must be ready, shareholder statement, directors report, digital signatures of director must be handy